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International Congress of ORL-HNS 2018

Dear all members of ASEAN ORL HNS Federation

I received the invitation letter from Korean Society of ORL HNS for signing of MOU and to participate in the forth coming International Congress.
  1. For MOU I agreed as per our recent decision and I asked for the draft and contents for Preview.
  2. For participation, they attached the proposed allotment for ASEAN Federation as per attached list.
Kindly assist me in the following ways:
  1. I will be going to sign for MOU and to participate. Can any body from our office bearers and ASEAN Members attend this signing of MOU with me?
Kindly suggest.
  1. For Participation, as per attached proposal , kindly suggest appropriate persons with their details to fill in the particulars.
Kindly reply these two requests latest by 22 January 2018.